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Compact yet comfortable, essential yet bristling with unique details, light yet capable of breath-taking performance. Both technology and style embrace the Reparto Corse ethos.

The former is evident in the kit that will be supplied with every Brutale 800 RC manufactured at Schiranna in 2018. Only 350 bikes will be built, each with its own unique number on the carbon fibre cover that protects the compact digital instrument cluster. The end pipe and manifold, supplied by SC-Project and designed to enhance the power delivery of the three-cylinder engine, underline the hi-tech pedigree of the Brutale 800 RC while adding eye-catching style: the titanium and carbon fibre end pipe body features an exhaust area protected by a perforated circular guard that also acts as a heat shield. The kit includes a engine ECU mapped for the SC-Project exhaust, boosting bike performance to an exceptional 150 hp at 12,800 rpm as well at dedicated traction control settings.



  • ROT / WEIß / GRÜN

BRUTALE 800 RR Pirelli

€ 19.890

Prices are for standard products, ex works Varese, packing excluded. Packing - in standard crate - will be charged on invoice. Trasportation costs Germany: 240 €. Prices include FILO DIRETTO Assistance. Trasportation costs Austria: 250 €. The cost for any modification to the products for specific Countries will be charged. Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice