DRAGSTER 800 RR / 2018

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The new Dragster 800 RR redefines the technical and stylistic frontiers of a model that has dominated with style, originality and emotion. Intentionally over the top, completely breaking the mould, the Dragster 800 RR has made irreverence its hallmark. And now its exclusive characteristics are consolidated with the 2018 Model Year, completely redesigned and with numerous updates.



RR stands for maximum power: with 140 hp at 13,100 revs / min and a maximum torque of 86 Nm at 10,100 rpm / min generated by the presence of two injectors per cylinder. A package specifically developed to retain the riding dynamics and sheer exhilaration of the models prior to the introduction of the new restrictive emission regulations. The result is astonishing; a true technological leap with a refined engine cylinder head developed for noise suppression to the benefit of augmenting ‘permitted’ sound by MV: namely those generated by the combustion. With the introduction of new components such as a harmonic damper, a new mechanical cam-chain tensioner, new camshafts, new valve guides, all completely redesigned and utilizing new materials to minimize stresses and vibrations. Noise reduction also extends to the side covers of the engine, which also act as engine protectors. An entirely new countershaft, starter motor, and primary gear drive, are aimed at improving the reliability. The designs of the transmission gears are also redesigned to achieve better meshing and therefore smoother transitions.






€ 19.100

Prices are for standard products, ex works Varese, packing excluded. Packing - in standard crate - will be charged on invoice. Price for each motorcycle's crate: 90 €. The cost for any modification to the products for specific Countries will be charged. Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice


In style terms, the new Dragster 800 RR has evolved substantially. From the front fender, now featuring aluminium side brackets, that typical MV Agusta quality and originality is clear. The front end includes numerous technical changes, starting from the semi-handlebars, with a truly intuitive adjustable angle. There is a support in the central area designed by the CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre) that integrates the adjustable steering damper into the upper triple clamp, introducing a brand-new technical solution. The digital instrumentation is enhanced by a specific cover, with luxurious aluminium elements. The tank pad is also aluminium, standing out with a laser engraved MV Agusta logo.  

The tail fairing is entirely new, starting from the support frame. The LED taillight helps to redefine the design of the bike. Instead of the dual element that had been used in the past, now there is a single element with a bold three-dimensional form. The insertion of a spectacular light guide further enhances the new design, enhancing the image of the Dragster 800 RR. The rear section of the redesigned seat is coloured to match the fairings. The license-plate holder is brand new and the turn indicators now have LED lights.  

Another stylistic and functional solution on the new Dragster 800 RR is the concealed passenger foot pegs. The linchpin is on a bracket secured to the side plates of the frame and they can be instantly rotated from the retracted to open position. In the starting position, the extreme linearity of the tail fairing can be appreciated and in the passenger support position integration of the overall design is clear.



The three-cylinder engine is closely derived from the one developed for the Brutale 800 RR, the focus of numerous technical upgrades to make it Euro 4 compliant while at the same time achieving significant increases in reliability and performance. All of this despite the fact that Euro 4 approval requires 50% reduced emissions and 48% lower noise than Euro 3. The in-line three-cylinder engine is fastened to the frame using new anchoring points. This change has allowed an increase in the torsional rigidity to the advantage of the already exceptional riding dynamic of the Dragster RR. Some of the main technical upgrades include the introduction of a new countershaft, a redesigned primary drive, the new profile of the intake cams and redesigned valves. The gearbox is entirely new. The force required to actuate the shift lever has decreased and the gears engage more quickly for even more efficient and smoother action. There are changes to the exhaust manifold and silencers too, the latter protected by new shields in anodized and brushed aluminium.  

In terms of acoustic comfort, the engine covers contribute to reducing the mechanical noise, at the same time providing adequate protection in the event of impact or a fall.



Further improvements are provided by the second-generation MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) electronics platform. Characterised by ever-more effective and accurate mappings, it combines the explosive power of the 3-cylinder 800 with fuel-saving high efficiency. Clear evidence then, of how the pursuit for performance has not overshadowed the quest for eco-friendliness or low operating costs. Central to MVICS performance are the Eldor EM2.0 engine control unit and a Mikuni Full Ride-By-Wire throttle body. As on other 3-cylinder MV Agusta models, the system lets the rider configure torque control on four mappings: three of them provide a pre-set combination of parameters (Sport, Normal and Rain); the Custom mode can be set by the rider, who can adjust parameters such as engine response, rev limiter, engine torque response, throttle sensitivity and engine braking. Of course, the Brutale 800 Dragster RR would not be complete without 8-level traction control, which can be disengaged and comes with model-specific mappings. To handle all this extraordinary performance riders can now rely on the new Quickshifter EAS 2.0, which allows ultra-fast clutchless upchanging and downchanging. In fact, for bikes in this category the introduction of an electronic downshift control system is an absolute innovation. Downchanging is made even easier by the new slipper clutch, which improves bike control going into bends. This is a key advantage not just on the track but also on the road.


The Brutale 800 Dragster RR measurements are the same as those that made the Brutale 800 Dragster the benchmark for naked sport bikes. The wheelbase is 1,380 mm, with 95 mm of offset on the fork yokes. Tyre crosssections also remain unchanged, with the eye-catching Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 200/50 at the rear. The chassis structure employs a solution shared by on all the latest-generation MV Agusta bikes: an ALS steel tube trellis frame with integrated light aluminium profiles in the rear zone which acts as the pivot for the swingarm. This design choice, in addition to making MV models even more unique and immediately recognisable, effectively meets the dual needs of providing adequate torsional stiffness and keeping overall vehicle weight as low as possible. The suspension uses equally advanced and smoothly integrated components: more specifically, the bike now features a CRC steering damper that can be adjusted to adapt performance to the road, the track or, of course, rider preferences. The Marzocchi fork features upside down aluminium stanchions (43 mm diameter), now lighter and even more attractive thanks to the red anodizing; moreover, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating enhances smoothness and maximises component strength. The 125 mm of travel is the same as that on the adjustable Sachs shock absorber attached to the swingarm. The seat (811 mm high) and pegs offer the same widely acclaimed ergonomics found on the Dragster 800, along with specially customised heel guards. Incredible stopping power is provided by the all-Brembo braking system, which has a pair of floating front discs (diameter 320 mm) equipped with 4-piston callipers and a rear 220 mm disc with a 2-piston calliper. The ABS system rounds out the package, ensuring safety and performance even on slippery or wet surfaces. New features include the stunning spoked wheels, which immediately distinguish the Brutale 800 Dragster RR from any other model: skilled use of anodizing, perfect assembly by hand, a great colour scheme - with black or white rims - make this component the focal point of the beefy yet classy coolness that this new MV Agusta exudes. Dedicated graphics and a flawless finish - as highlighted by the multiple layers of paint usually reserved for high end vehicles in the car industry - further emphasise the uniqueness of the Brutale 800 Dragster RR. Brute force. Panache. Charisma.